Sunday, January 22, 2017

Consolidated Game Play

Wiki Cribbage is now consolidated into a single web page.

Previous versions required that you switch to a "menu" page to view the instructions then switch back to the game page to continue, albeit with a new hand. No need for that anymore. Now the game you are playing, the instructions and information are all available on the same web page. Just scroll down at anytime to review the information then scroll back up to continue the hand in play.

This change greatly simplifies and improves the game flow and simplifying is what I'm all about.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

"Quick Cribbage" is now "Wiki Cribbage"

In case you hadn't noticed I recently re-branded "Quick Cribbage" (for the web) as "Wiki Cribbage". I did this primarily to distinguish it from my Windows version of "Quick Cribbage" and to reflect the web based nature of this new version.

Not to worry, it's the same game under-the-hood, same links and web locations as before just the name has changed.

This brand name change seemed like a natural evolution for my series of card games since "wikiwiki" is the Hawaiian term for fast or quick, all of my games are based on the descriptions found on Wikipedia and "wiki" is a familiar Internet term.

Enjoy and keep your comments coming.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Full Screen Crib Board

I'm excited to announce a new release today (2016.15) that now draws a crib-board that will fill the entire height of your screen taking full advantage of your device resolution.

This improvement is especially noticeable on newer devices with high resolution retina style displays. The higher your resolution the better the board will look.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saved Scores

Just released an update (2016.14) that now saves your scores so you can continue a game at a later time (on the same device).

Saving your score is automatic, you don't have to press any buttons. Your scores are saved locally on your device (nothing is saved to the "cloud") and restored when you revisit the game later or when you select refresh in your browser (use this trick to deal a new hand if you don't like the cards you were dealt).

Note that your scores are only saved after you complete a hand (when both player's hands and the crib have been counted). If you stop the game or close the web page before completing a hand your saved scores will not be updated.

Friday, April 22, 2016

You are a Winner

This release (2016.12) fixes a couple of issues when a player wins a game. Now when a player reaches 121 points they / you will announce "... I WIN!"

After that any tap on the table area will ask if you want to close the game. If you respond Yes or Okay then you will be taken to the menu page where you can start a new game. You can respond No or Cancel if you want to spend a little more time reviewing the cards on the table.

It's a small fix for now but an important one for later.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Rules of Cribbage

Just came across this web site from the Bicycle Playing Card company that clearly and succinctly explains the rules of Cribbage.

I get many emails from users claiming that Quick Cribbage isn't scoring correctly. In all but one recent case it was a misunderstanding of the official rules of Cribbage. Quick Cribbage has been available in multiple forms for the last 30 years and has been well tested. Whether you're a beginner or long time Cribbage fan it always helps to review the official rules.

If you truly believe you have uncovered a scoring anomaly then please attach a screen-capture that shows the error with your feedback. That helps me a lot.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New Table Layout

Just released an update (2016.7) that implements a slightly modified layout.

Quick Cribbage 2016.7
Now your hand and played cards are centered on the tabletop. The crib and starter card are placed at the left edge. This layout is more natural, as if you were holding your hand in front of you, and works out better in portrait mode and on smaller devices (tablets and smartphones).