Sunday, January 4, 2015

Quick Cribbage for the Web

For those of you already familiar with Quick Cribbage for Windows I am currently converting all my games to run as web applications. I have already converted Quick Solitaire so a lot of the ground work has been done. I truly believe that applications running in a browser on any device are the future of software and so I am directing all of my efforts towards that goal. Sorry Microsoft, it's time to move on.

Converting Quick Cribbage is my next challenge.

Over the holidays I worked full-time converting my Pascal version of Cribbage to Dart (HTML/Javascript/css) and I'm happy to say it works. I can now play a complete game of Quick Cribbage with a few user interface issues to be resolved.

Here is Quick Cribbage running on an iPad

Many of you have asked for a more intuitive point counting user interface with fewer popups. That is my next challenge now that I am on the web platform. From this point on I don't plan on updating the Windows version anymore since you can always run the new one in your browser on your Windows machine or on any device for that matter.