Sunday, January 22, 2017

Consolidated Game Play

Wiki Cribbage is now consolidated into a single web page.

Previous versions required that you switch to a "menu" page to view the instructions then switch back to the game page to continue, albeit with a new hand. No need for that anymore. Now the game you are playing, the instructions and information are all available on the same web page. Just scroll down at anytime to review the information then scroll back up to continue the hand in play.

This change greatly simplifies and improves the game flow and simplifying is what I'm all about.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

"Quick Cribbage" is now "Wiki Cribbage"

In case you hadn't noticed I recently re-branded "Quick Cribbage" (for the web) as "Wiki Cribbage". I did this primarily to distinguish it from my Windows version of "Quick Cribbage" and to reflect the web based nature of this new version.

Not to worry, it's the same game under-the-hood, same links and web locations as before just the name has changed.

This brand name change seemed like a natural evolution for my series of card games since "wikiwiki" is the Hawaiian term for fast or quick, all of my games are based on the descriptions found on Wikipedia and "wiki" is a familiar Internet term.

Enjoy and keep your comments coming.