Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New Table Layout

Just released an update (2016.7) that implements a slightly modified layout.

Quick Cribbage 2016.7
Now your hand and played cards are centered on the tabletop. The crib and starter card are placed at the left edge. This layout is more natural, as if you were holding your hand in front of you, and works out better in portrait mode and on smaller devices (tablets and smartphones).



  1. Nice work! Feature request: a log of score changes (even if just output to the console). During play, scoring event go by so quickly that the user can't see them happen, especially since the user is likely watching the cards and not the score.

    1. I really don't want to pollute the tabletop with a lot of text. In the latest release I extended the amount of time the "spoken" text appears. Hopefully that helps. I'm looking into other ways to make the "spoken" text more obvious and / or replayable. Thanks

  2. I have only the cards and the scores now there is no cribbage board

  3. Make your screen taller. The board will not display if the window is too small.

  4. Game is not pegging some played runs or triples on last card. I also sometime only get 1/2 the board ... Is nicely done overall.